workshop day four

Camilla has made a clip of day four. The Timelapse approach illustrates how film can be used to highlight particular activities, tools, ideas; here space and spaces inbetween become particularly apparent. Levels and relationships between bodies are also readily visible in the shifting patterns of movement.


2 thoughts on “workshop day four

  1. I love the way this time lapse video renders visible the socio-spatial aspects of the day. The circle to lines to randomness to organization again is intriguing. It shows the varied ways that we engaged with each other and with the space. Even the lowering and raising of the shades is a poignant moment when, collectively, we debated how to shape the room to suit our needs. At the same time the room gives a strong context and framing for the movement of the participants.

    I am sending creative and generative vibes for the film making workshops! I wish I was there but I look forward to returning in the spring. Hello to all of the participants!

    Hi Pat and Emily!!!


  2. The workshops with Sara were both a challenge and a joy to film. I soon discovered that capturing moving people is really rather difficult, and my approach to shooting developed throughout the week. We set up two cameras to record the process, one was a permanent fixture to capture the whole room and this is the angle you can see in the time-lapse. The second camera was roaming, hand held by myself.

    Due to time constraints later in the process, I could only shoot limited amounts of footage on this second camera. I found myself utterly compelled and seduced by what was moving through the frame and struggled to hold myself back from filming everything.

    There was definitely a shift in my engagement with the subject after I physically participated in the workshops (was that day two?) by joining in the warm up exercises. Subject became experience. I felt a sense of actually moving in time with participants and as a result the camera became further imbedded in the process, and perhaps less intrusive?


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