the workshop unblocked me

This post is from Holly Riddle, one of the workshop participants.

The website presented itself as a “5 day workshop programme exploring contemporary dance”, which it definitely was, but it helped in a much more diverse way than what I would have first perceived. As well as being around like-minded people; art and dance students alike merged together, all with very different reasons for being there and dance styles. I am an art student who was having a bit of an “artist block”. I knew I was interested in body language and personal interaction within strangers but I had no way of physically pursuing this. Especially in my art practice it is highly independent and solitary, some days I wonder what I’m paying £9,000 a year for. But this workshop got us thinking about our bodies, the only way a choreographer really could teach us, and helped me think about things that I would take for granted in day to day life; such as using space and time as interesting physical strategies. We all go through “blocks” in our life, some more than others, however this workshop helped me shake that feeling off, and gave me the tools to do so in the future when I’ll be inevitably thinking about my rising student debt again…


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