the project so far

We have been working hard to make sure all is in place for the start of the workshops in two weeks time. The spaces are ready, the equipment is charged and we already have 23 participants confirmed for the project! We have over subscribed for the project because of possible issues with drop out rates but this gives us a great opportunity to engage many participants. From our research we are aware that when an event is advertised as ‘free’ the sense of responsibility towards attending is not as great as those that are priced. This is not to suggest that by binding people financially proves commitment but to generalise by selecting a free event also may suggest issues with access. This could be anything from geographical to travel or even how one may feel towards entering a space such as Tate.

We are looking forward to interacting and investigating the topic with each of the participants and to really imbed their perceptions of the project at the heart of the research. Each of our participants will have a unique opportunity to be engaged in a research project at a variation of levels all at once. This is from learning and performing the dance, discussing and critiquing the process as well as having a strong involvement in the editing of the film shorts.  It is really exciting to see how this project develops from a concept to a process that will be practiced with multiple voices.

Paul Stewart


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